All the brands across the board make really good match footballs, but us being from Denmark there’s just one particular ball that stands out from the rest. The Select Brillant Super is completely, totally, immensely unrivalled in terms of sales and for very good reason.

The quality and hard work Select put into every single Brillant Super football really shows and can be felt when you take to the pitch. The footballs have been made at the same trusted factory, which was picked out by the original founder of Select, for more than 60 years. And although it’s naturally not the same ball as back then, the long-standing collaboration means every worker there knows that there is no room for average, it has to be perfect.

That’s why the Select Brillant Super doesn’t just live up to the FIFA minimum requirements like other footballs, it far surpasses them. The best example of this is the balls Zero-Wing bladder, which is made from a far thicker and sturdier latex that not only increases durability, but also vastly improves the balls bounce.

It really is this commitment to doing things just that tad better than they are required to by FIFA that makes them special. Even the Select balls that aren’t certified by FIFA live up to all the requirements, they just haven’t bought the rights to the little badge on the ball, so you can save money on them.

The white and green Select Brillant Super may only cost 52 euro, but is just as good, if not better, than all its more expensive competitors. Find it here.

Also if you’re thinking all of this means the Brillant Super is too predictable, so you can’t score those crazy knuckleball goals, we would refer to the freekick goal Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Denmark in 2011- a better ball just means it’s a truer reflection of your skill.

We aren’t supposed to show favouritism, but the Select Brillant Super is probably the best match football in the world and if you’ve never tried one, then make it your next ball. To add to that, the new colourway is green, which obviously makes us here at Unisport love it even more. Have you ever played with the Brillant Super and what did you think? Let us know below.