It is fair to say that adidas have entered 2016 with a serious pursuit of taking over the game. We asked our boot Master, JayMike, to enlighten us a bit in the newest line-up of boots from adidas. So go on and be enlightened.

Not only did adidas blow our minds with the PureControl - a football boot containing all the newest innovations you can come up with, including the laceless upper design. They also released an update for the ACE silo, meaning a new ACE 16+ Primeknit with their sock-like ankle design (called Primecut) and a new ACE 16.1.

But, what are the tech specifics behind these new releases and more importantly, how do they differ from one another? Well, go on and watch JayMikes latest Tech Talk as he takes us through what you need to know about the new adidas ACE line-up.

Have you been able to try on the newest PureControl? Well if not, then JayMike gives you an idea of what you can expect of adidas' latest innovation in his Tech Talk.