Yesterday adidas unveiled the newest generation of the Ace silo and today they follow-up on that with a new colourway update for their X15 boots. It’s nothing short of stunning and I know it’s only January, but if you ask me possibly an early contender for colourway of the year. Think I’m overdoing it? Get to see it from all angles and make up your own mind here.

Although its accompanying silo has been given a complete overhaul it’s not quite the X15’s turn yet and it’s still the chaos boot we know from last year. That means the boot is still very much about sharp turns and making defenders look like scrubs.

The way it achieves this is through a number of factors like the thin upper that makes for close touches on the ball, so you get far more feeling with the ball and can turn on the pace when you need it to get that edge. The X-cage, which is the texture you see on the outside of the boot, keeps you firmly locked in place and the aggressive stud-configuration means you have all the tools to terrorise any defence.

If you're just as big a fan of the new adidas X15, then find it right here.

The black and yellow main colours compliment each other very well, while the pink X-Cage detailing just serves to give them just a bit more edge. I haven’t necessarily been a very big fan of adidas X15 colourways in the past, but this certainly redeems them. Adidas are slaying 2016 so far!