You can ask any footballer at the highest level, performances on the pitch only come from hard work at training and the gym. In many countries around the world football is currently on its winter break and after Christmas, where everyone probably ate their fair share of food, it’s time to get back in shape in time for football. We now take you through all the best running shoes from adidas, so you know exactly what to go for, when finding the gear to make your excise and runs as effective as possible.

Within adidas running shoes there is one technology, which despite being less than three years old, reigns completely supreme; the Boost sole. When they presented it, adidas announced that the innovative cushioning technology would entirely revolutionise the world of running, and although this was a bold statement indeed, they definitely weren’t wrong.

Anyone who has tried on a pair of adidas Boost running shoes will instantly recognise the light, yet incredibly springy feeling you get when wearing them. This unique feeling comes thanks to the foam “Energy Capsules” that make up the sole. Boost has truly been a game-changer and while all this big talk may just seem like an overly exaggerated sales pitch, you can take my word for it, the Boost adidas running shoes are the real deal.

Every single running shoe in our wide range of adidas shoes is fitted with the Boost technology in some way or form. So while they all have the adidas Boost shoe technology, ( why would you want anything else?) the upper is where the biggest differences come into play. This makes your job of choosing the right running shoe for you very easy, because all you have to do is decide whether you want the light and free motion mesh-upper running shoes, or the more supportive models.

Explore the different adidas Boost shoes here and find your favourite here.

The Boost technology has completely taken over the running and the sneaker scene. You don’t have to take it from me either, because the second Kanye West tried on the original and unreleased running shoes in 2013, he instantly decided to incorporate it on his now infamous Yeezy Boost 750 and 350 sneakers. So on top of being high quality running shoes, they are also going to be fully Yeezy-approved.