Welcome to the jungle! The concrete jungle to be more precise, as Nike release their FootballX Street models in new colourways. With the Street game evolving and becoming evermore popular, Nike now present their FootballX shoes in one of their most legendary designs - the Safari print.

We must all remember the Nike Mercurial Superfly II Safari, which Cristiano Ronaldo made famous by doing what he does best, scoring goals for fun. The iconic and very distinctive look is one that stands out as one of Nike’s most recognisable of all time - for me in any case.

As such I can appreciate the design job Nike have done on the newest colourways in the FootballX collection, but still it’s not quite the same for me. I may just be overly nostalgic, but they can’t quite live up to the original two football boot colourways.

The new Nike FootballX shoes can be bought on Monday the 21st of December right here.

I’d love to hear where you stand on them, because although I like them quite a lot, I’m still missing that little something extra that takes them to the next level. Are you sitting thinking I’m being a little too critical, or can you see where I’m coming from too? Let me know in the comment-section down below.