PWG and Luca already opened up Pandora’s box yesterday, when they invited you in for a quick Q&A session on our Snapchat profile (unisportlife). Today you get the full thing, as our three hosts answer all your questions right here.

It’s not everyday you get to ask our WebTV hosts anything you want, but it is Christmas, so what the heck. Luca, JayMike and PWG open up and answer the questions you might be wondering about.

“Are you all friends off camera?”, “Have you got any girlfriends?” and “Why is JayMike so bad at kicking a ball?” are just a few of the questions the boys answer in today’s episode. Click play and watch the entire episode above.

Our three hosts look like they had fun answering your questions in the Q&A. Do you have any questions you need answering still? Then ask them here, we will try to answer them on our Social media channels.