On this very day the FIFA World Cup championship for clubs was born. Here the world’s best football teams, like FC Barcelona, Auckland City FC and River Plate come from across the continents to show who rules the world. The Club World Cup has however not existed in its current format for very long and today it’s exactly 10 years ago that FIFA reopened the competition.

Hosting the FIFA Club World Cup has been pretty troublesome and quite the rollercoaster ride. First it was the intercontinental Cup in 1960 - where the teams played two games and it was the winner of the Copa Libertadores in South America and the European Cup (Champions League) in Europe. Then it became the Toyota Cup, which was hosted in Tokyo, before it then turned into a full-on World Cup tournament, with eight teams from seven continents.

Even though this was supposed to be repeated every year, it was already cancelled the following year. In 2005 the tournament finally settled, which was the year after Liverpool won the unforgettable final against Milan in Istanbul. Here they ended up playing against Sao Paulo in the final, but unfortunately for them they weren’t able to cap the year off with a World Cup title and they lost 1-0.

It will be exciting to see who wins the World Cup title this year. Barcelona have the chance to win it for the third time, do you think it will be them, or will someone else challenge them for the title?