The small-sided game is becoming continually more and more widespread. All across cities around the world the street cages are being set up and being used very frequently. The popular street cages are most often made with artificial grass and now adidas present a new innovation, which tailored for the player who wants to dominate, humiliate and rule the streets! Read more about the new adidas Ace16+ TKRZ, and get to see some of the other new Court and Cage models that accompany it, right here.

adidas leave no stone unturned in their mission to give players the very best tools for performance on any surface. The adidas Ace16+ TKRZ is the latest innovation in that movement, with adidas offering a unique football boot for the players who dominate the popular artificial street pitches. And the boot truly is unique, because the look is nothing we have ever seen before, and while it at first looks pretty bemusing, there is heavy research behind the boot.

The new adidas Ace16+ TKRZ boot is made for the football player that wants high-performance products on the small-sided football pitches, which can match the quality of the famous adidas football boots. Adidas found out that even though there were players who played several times a week on the artificial street pitches, they were still forced to play in worse boots, because stronger alternatives simply didn’t exist. Creating these boots is an ambitious move from adidas, but one that we wholeheartedly support, because in the end quality is king.

Along with the new Ace16+ TKRZ football boot, adidas have also unveiled upgraded versions court and cage concepts, as they also look to take them to new heights. Both incorporate the infamous adidas Primeknit on the upper in a new way, in order to fully utilise the exceedingly comfortable materials qualities. I haven’t tried them on yet, but just from holding them in my hands I could tell that adidas have done a nifty bit of work on the 2016 version of the X and Ace boots for the street- and indoor game.

If you want to get your hands on the new adidas Ace16+ TKRZ, or the new Court and Cage models, then find them here.

For me, the new boots have me a little muddled up, I really, really, really like the TKRZ colourway, but I must admit that I don’t really need the concept boot, because I rarely play on those artificial street pitches. On the other hand I could really do with one of the new Court and Cage shoes, but I honestly must admit, I really dislike the colourways. The TKRZ will be heaven-sent for the people who need it however and it’s so cool to see adidas looking to own every surface. What do you make of them?