The football never stops! Not for rain and not for snow. The indoor season is in full swing and if you find yourself missing a pair of quality indoor shoes, then Nike have you covered, as they give their full FootballX line-up the Liquid Chrome treatment. You’re in the presence of football-design greatness!

All the brands know how important the indoor- and street game is nowadays and that’s why you see them putting so much effort into both the technological side of the shoes, as well as how they look. The Nike FootballX collection is the prime example of this, because they are in their own right, top model shoes, which give you the exact same qualities as the Nike athlete level boots.

The Liquid Chrome Pack design has already swept the world and is gaining the adoration of all fans of the more flashy football boot design. I must admit that I’m definitely on board that hype-train, because the new look works just as well on the FootballX shoes, as it does on the boots.

The Liquid Chrome look also seems to fit the small-sided style of play incredibly well, because in the tight areas football flair and fancy moves reign supreme. The Liquid Chrome pack FootballX shoes can match that style and will make sure your quick feet and audacious moves get the attention they deserve.

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Love the shoes and love the new colourways. If I look back at the year, this may very well be my very favourite collection of Nike colourways and I’m therefore very happy to see them make their way onto the FootballX shoes too. Are you short a pair of indoor shoes and could see yourself rocking these?