Earlier this week we had a look at all the best baselayer from Nike, New Balance, adidas and Under Armour. While baselayer is great for keeping your legs and chest warm, it’s important not to forget the smaller areas, which are just as crucial a part of keeping your mind only on football and not on how chilly the weather is.

All the biggest brands know the importance of the smaller pieces of gear and have spent lots of effort making specialised products, which are fully tailored for football. Staying warm, but at the same time avoiding overheating, is truly the name of the game during the winter and here are some of our favourite ways of doing so.

When the temperatures start hitting subzero conditions, one of my absolute winter football essentials is definitely the neck warmer. Your neck is so vulnerable, and given the many options for keeping the weather at bay, there is really no reason for getting a cold when out playing football. That will only lead to you missing more football and that is definitely not what you want.

I myself use the craft snood for protecting my neck area. You can find some of the cold weather essentials we have picked out here.

The winter months are still ahead, but for us the football never stops. The old saying “there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing” rings true for football and luckily the good people at Nike, adidas, Puma, New Balance and Under Armour have us covered. How will you be guarding yourself against the cold this winter?