The weather outside is pretty dreadful at the moment and unfortunately it’s only downhill from here. A pair of gloves goes a long way to help you stay comfortable and warm, so you can focus on the game. Nike and adidas make sure you can rep your team, even when wearing a football shirt gets a little too cold.

Nike and adidas sponsor some of the world’s very biggest teams and if you’re a fan of one of the clubs, then you can show off your support for the club this winter with the practical and overall pretty awesome player gloves.

Unfortunately for me, my favourite team is not sponsored by adidas or Nike, so I have to go with the plain black version, but I can tell you if I supported Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, or Manchester City, then I’d have a pair in a heartbeat!

You can find the football player gloves right here.

The gloves from Nike and adidas are completely tailored for football, so you get protection from the elements, but they still ventilate and transport sweat away from your hands, to avoid overheating. They are also made with a unique grip texture on the fingers, so if you taking throw-ins you won’t end up looking like a fool.

When checking out the new gloves, our photographers even took it one step further and paired the player gloves with matching footballs, because hey, might as well go all out right? Will you be getting a pair ready for winter?