He has visited the childhood home of the two best footballers in the world. He has met his absolute biggest idol. He has cheered at the Champions League final. Played on all types of football pitches in New York City. Sung along with the most hardcore LA Galaxy fans. Skydived and regular dived for Hypervenom boots on Hawaii. Yeah, there’s not much Joltter hasn’t experienced on his World Tour and now we are at the end of the trip, only one stop to go...

Once upon a time there was a dude named Valterri, but he went under the name Joltter. He loved football. He played every day and practised the craziest tricks he possibly could. One day he decided to show the world what he could do with a ball, so he filmed his tricks and put the video online. Then one day he got a call that would change his life for ever. The call came from another dude named Jakob, who like Joltter loved football too. He wasn’t quite as good as Joltter, but he knew absolutely everything about the football boots he wore.

The two dudes met and decided to make the coolest videos together. They would travel around and meet the biggest stars in the world, review the newest football boots and perform the sickest tricks. One day Joltter said to Jakob: “Do you know what? Shouldn’t we go around the world and experience football culture in all corners of the world? From Europe to America and in Asia?” Jakob thought that sounded like a brilliant idea, but just one thing: “Who will hold the fort down here at home?” Said Jakob. “Don’t worry about it man, I can go on my own, so you can stay home and keep the reviews coming while I’m away.” Answered Joltter. And that’s how the Unisport World Tour came about.

We have now followed Joltter’s trip around the world and have almost made it to the final destination. Before then you can watch, or rewatch the preceding 10 episodes. And as Joltter himself would say “It’s been emotional…” Whether Joltter will go on another football trip, or if it will be Jakob’s turn this time is hard to say, but no matter what it will be exciting to see what our football dudes get up to next.

We have definitely confirmed that the #unisportlife exists all across the world. Which destination made the biggest impression on you?