The last few weeks JayMike has been out testing adidas’ new Primeknit boots, so he can give you a complete overview of the quality and advantages of the material. You can watch his review and read more about what he thinks below…

Basically a lot has happened on the X15 Primeknit, and at the same time it’s more of what we know. Adidas have changed their synthetic X-Skin upper with a 100 pct. woven upper from Primeknit, which has been sealed with 3D vacuum silicone - simply to ward the material from bad weather, so water and dirt doesn’t seep through. Smart stuff. At the same time adidas have changed their Techfit Collar, so you don’t get the same elasticated and tight ankle sock, instead it actually feels more like a sock. To finish off with the Germans have removed the slightly fluffy neoprene pillow in the heel, so you get a smoother, synthetic inside cover, which has nothing in the way.

And that has really paid off for adidas. The X15 Primeknit is an immensely comfortable and nice football boot, which fits the foot well, without causing blisters in any areas. It’s not as tight as the regular X15, but shapes itself to accommodate the foot's shape to a greater degree. You down get the same intense lockdown as the original X15, but apart from that the two feel the same really. The stud-configuration is exactly the same and therefore gives a good, strong grip on the pitch when you look to change direction quickly.

On the adidas ACE15 the changes don’t look that dramatic, but they are actually far greater than on the X15. The entire front- and mid-foot has been changed and replaced with Primeknit. Gone is the Controlweb-technology and replaced with the same woven upper with a thin layer of silicone and Non Stop Grip tech on the top to keep some more grip.

Want to get your hands on the new Primeknit boots? Find them right here.

And the changes are definitely noticeable - because where the ACE15 was already a comfortable boot in its own right, the Primeknit boot takes it to another level. It feels like you have put on super soft, personally shaped slipper, which sits close to your feet without any nonsense. Your touch will without a doubt be a little bit less precise, but you can still feel what you’re doing with your touches and the boot doesn’t feel clumsy or anything like that. You don’t have the same grip as the regular ACE15, but the NSG texture still gives some friction, so the upper isn’t completely smooth.The heel and stud-configuration is completely identical - and once again the difference between the regular ACE15 and the Primeknit version is the level of comfort.

Want to get your hands on the new Primeknit boots? Find them right here.

If we take the big picture I think the Primeknit boots are definitely a step forward - if you like comfort that is. In my eyes there is no doubt that the best of the Primeknit boots is the ACE15, where the increased comfort and not as tight fit suits the boots nature better. X15 Primeknit is still a great boot, but it feels like the synthetic version is more in sync with the original X15 concept - creating chaos with a football boot that gives good lockdown, a tight fit, a sharp touch and an optimised stud-configuration.

So why pick Primeknit over the regular version? Well, if you love comfort and the thought of having a sock-like fit, then the choice isn’t so hard in the end...