Tonight is lined up for another brilliant round of Champions League football and adidas are ready with not just one new episode of GamedayPlus, but two. Aww yeah! The first episode gives us a bit of insight into some of adidas’ biggest athletes, while the second one sees the hosts head to Munich, where they are ready with a Bayern special edition. Watch along…

Yesterday adidas unveiled their newest innovation. The ultra comfortable compression fit from the Primeknit material, meets their revolution in football, with the X15 and Ace15 getting the new upper. Nicolas Gaitan takes us through what he makes of the new Primeknit boots in the first episode.

You can find the brand new Primeknit boots right here.

Later tonight Bayern Munich will be facing off with Dynamo Zagreb, who stunned Arsenal in the last round of games. Bayern Munich will be hoping that some of their special training gives them the edge they need, to not suffer the same fate. If you want a unique insight into how Arjen Robben improves his speed, or how Manuel Neuer perfected his game, well then you came to the right place.

Apart from the adidas Gamedayplus crew, the show also gets a bit of help with the hosting from Thomas Müller, who is one of football’s biggest jokers. He has put on a slightly more serious face for this episode, but it’s always fun to sit and watch, as he unsuccessfully tries to keep a straight face.

This week we got not just one, but two Gamedayplus episodes. There was also plenty of bang for the buck, with especially the Bayern episode looking pretty cool. Are you hyped for the Champions League tonight? If not, then watch the episodes above and get hyped.