It’s a good year and a half ago that adidas introduced the world to the first knitted football boot ever. Between then and now adidas have also kickstarted their football revolution with the X15 and Ace15 boots. Today adidas once again enter uncharted territory by bringing the two innovations together. This is the Primeknit version of chaos: X15+ Primeknit.

Primeknit is a technology that adidas have primarily developed to elevate the comfort in their football boots to a completely new level. The latest Primeknit football boot, the Primeknit 2.0, was also introduced by adidas as the world’s most comfortable football boot. It was in great part thanks to the boots “compression fit” that adidas dared come with that very bold statement...

This X15 Primeknit is a part of adidas’ Limited Collection. Så hurry up and get your hands on a pair of the boots right here - 275 euro

It doesn’t look like adidas have found any reason to deter from their original statement, because the compression fit once again features on the newest Primeknit football boot. This construction gives a completely unique fit in a boot and the combination of comfort and the X15’s explosive nature makes for the perfect blend for the chaotic footballer.

This X15+ Primeknit is together with the Ace15+ Primeknit the newest series in adidas’ Limited Collection, which adidas launched with the introduction of the Primeknit 2.0. So I guess all there’s left to say is: GO GO GO!

Primeknit hardly needs any introduction anymore. Should you however have forgotten what the technology is built on, then it’s a woven upper with very flexible fibres, which gives the foot the ultimate freedom of movement, while giving the necessary support that a boot needs. To strengthen the durability adidas have added the Primeknit upper underneath the traditional upper. This way adidas make sure you get the best of both worlds in one unique football boot.