I’ve watched the newest EA Sports FIFA16 advert a couple of times now and I quite honestly still don’t think I’ve entirely grasped all the insane things going on in the video. I do know however that it’s pretty damn awesome anyway!

I wish I could take you through just what goes down in the video, but I think it’s best you check it out yourself, because things get pretty crazy. I mean it’s Agüero going head to head with Messi, there’s some pretty sick freestyle going on too and Alex Morgan, so you know, just about everything that anyone could hope for in a football video.

Kobe Bryant even makes an appearance and scores a full court Basketball shot, with his feet (Totally not fake, he can totally do that). So basically if you’re still reading this, stop now and watch the video above, you won’t regret it.

FIFA 16 is released in just four days now, so it’s time to get really hyped! I definitely know I am ready to try wreck people with the Bolasie flick now. What was your favourite part of the video?