The City that never sleeps! It truly is a city that needs to further introduction. Bustling with life and as Joltter found out on his visit, full of love for football too. Our World Tour rocks on to New York City…

Joltter has been to many places on his World Tour, but it is safe to say that New York is most definitely among the favourites. His mission when taking on the Big Apple was simple - find and play on as many awesome football pitches as possible.

There was no respite for our man in the field during the trip - Joltter was relentless and managed to cover immense amounts of ground for our viewing pleasure. It made for a truly spectacular spectacle and some of the pitches were simply stunning to behold.

Football is the sport that brings people together probably more than any other on the planet. It is played all over the world by all ethnicities and at all age groups. Joltter got to witness this first hand in New York, which is home to so many different people, but all united in their love of football.

We also got a new theme tune sorted for the New York episode, which although you might be scared off at first, don’t be, it’s not the Alicia Keys version. Watch the episode above and let us know what you think the comment-section down below.