There are lots of different types of footballers in the world. That’s why I decided to to investigate what gear my colleagues wear in their sports bags. We grabbed a hold of one of our goalkeepers, Jonathan, who has chosen to specialise in 7-a-side football, which in his own words fits his errhh, stout(?), body type better. Find out what his bag holds here…

PUMA evoPOWER 1.2 FG: I’ve got an immensely wide foot, so I first and foremost need a boot that feels comfortable. The PUMA evoPOWER is probably among the boots I feel most comfortable in. My favourite is still the Hypervenom I, but the newest generation is right up my ally too, - especially for when I’m in goal and need to take goalkicks. The shot optimising technologies on the evoPOWER suit me well and as far as a modern football boot goes, this is spot on.

Sells Wrap Pro Terrain: I’ve tried quite a lot of goalkeeper gloves in my time, but there’s something about Sells that convinces me that their gloves are the best every time I try them on. The durability, comfort and grip is nothing short of excellent. I’ve chosen the Wrap like so many before me, because it gives a good combination of protection and a tight fit. I don’t like it when my hands feel like they are restrained and the Wrap doesn’t give me that at all. I obviously also had to take the gloves to the next level, by writing my nickname on them.

Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Tights: Since I got injured compression tights have been the most important part of my football bag, apart from my boots obviously. I don’t even dare play without them now. Whether that is just in my head, or actually true, well that’s up for debate, but why risk it? The Nike Hyperstrong tights are great, because they give powerful compression, but are still thin and ventilating. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Trusox: My Trusox have become very important to me. I always tell people who haven’t tried them that they you won’t feel the difference the first time you wear them. - However the first time they use regular socks afterwards, they will really start to miss them.

G-Form Pro-S shin-pads: This is in my opinion the shin-pad of the future. The price is a bit much, but they really are worth every penny. Sometimes when I’m playing I start wondering if I’ve even remembered to put on shin-pads, because you really can’t feel them. If you’re one of the many out there who hates wearing pads, then give the G-Forms a go.

We have highlighted the most important things in Jonathan’s bag and if you’re inspired by some of his finds, then you can find the essentials here.

Jonathan knows what gear suits him best and hopes his collection might inspire you a little in your search for the best gear. We are always curious to hear what you use. Remember we are always scouring Instagram on the #unisportlife. So show off what you’ve got, we feature the best.