It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete freestyle novice, or if you’ve been following our tutorials for a while and by now maybe fancy yourself a bit skilled, because our boy PWG is the gift that keeps on giving! He’s back with more freestyle moves for you to pick up and this time he will teach you the ‘hop the world’.

We are feeling very happy about our freestyle tutorials and how they have been coming along, because we’ve been able to witness first hand just how they’ve worked on JayMike. PWG was also very impressed with how quickly he picked up the ‘hop the world’-move, but while Jakob was praised for easy he was to teach, he was wrecked for his outfit, which is fairness was pretty poor.

PWG hopefully doesn’t need to teach all of you that Volt clothing from top to toe is a bad idea, so instead he will simply focus on evolving your freestyle game. Remember to share your progress with us on Instagram, by uploading videos and tagging #unisportlife.

This was the latest episode of our tutorials, where we aim to get more people to learn and love the art of freestyle. Get practising and be ready for when PWG is back with more tricks for you to learn.