What do Luis Suarez, Eric Cantona and Zinedine Zidane all have in common? They were all football superstars known for their genius play on the pitch, but remembered for a moment of mental meltdown (several in Luis Suarez’ case). Now the photographer George Logan has recreated the most iconic episodes of insanity throughout football history.

We have all at some point tried to recreate the genius moves we see on TV. Everything from tricks and flicks, to celebrations. But how many have replicated Zidane’s headbutt, or Luis Suarez’ bite? I’m guessing not as many. Now the British photographer has raised the debate, are footballers really good role models to young hopeful players, or do they create “bad boys”.

The football bad boy phenomenon is definitely not new. George Logan’s portails of mad football moments range from Maradona's “Hand of God” in 1986, to Cantona’s kung-fu kick in 1995 and all the way to Luis Suarez’ famous bite (his second out of three) on Ivanovic.

But the question is, whether or not these short moments of craziness help give football and the football players a bad reputation, or if you just call it the result of very intense and heated situations?

No matter what, it will be a controversial discussion and it certainly won’t be any less controversial given that George Logan has found a number of young kids to help him recreate the moments.

It’s an interesting debate and I personally love George Logan’s approach to his Bad Boys FC project. You can visit his website right here: http://www.georgelogan.co.uk/