The elegant and poised playmaker. We can definitely think of a few professional players, who fit this description very adequately, but this type of player exists on all levels. adidas have identified the two types of players that can be found in the modern game and for the controlling player, they have the ACE15.

The Ace15 is now on its fourth colourway and thus far I must admit I’ve much prefered the X’s colourways. The slightly fresher blue model was definitely a step up in style and also a little more lively than the previous models, which were mostly black. Now adidas go completely wild, with a colourway that is out to grab everyone's attention in a big way.

You can get your hands on the new Eskolaite Ace15 right here.

The adidas Eskolaite pack introduces new boots for both their boots, which both are made with a flashy silver design and with a splash of neon on the heel and soleplate. It’s definitely not everyone, but I could definitely see the Ace15 working on the pitch, as the players look to dazzle opponents with untouchable playmaking.

The La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A are close to starting up again, so you can really start looking forward to seeing James Rodriguez, Ivan Rakitic and Manuel Neuer in the new boots and quite honestly if it’s good enough for an impressive line-up like that, it’s good enough for me.

Say what you like about the colourway, but it’s certainly flashy. This isn’t for the player who wants to go under the radar, you take control and you run the play for your team. What do you think about the new Ace15 - Is it love at first sight, or are you a little more tentative?