Is the leather a material of the past? With the emergence of synthetic materials in football and more recently knitted materials, the use of leather on boots has become increasingly more and more rare. Today Nike have however flipped the script entirely and present the Nike Tech Craft Pack. See what it has going on here.

No. It will never be “just” a football boot. It is without a doubt any footballers most important piece of equipment and demands constant improvement. The ongoing quest for the best selection of football boots will most likely never end and today Nike write a new chapter in that tale. They have for the first time ever presented a full silo update, which consists entirely of leather boots.

But why, some would ask? I thought leather was a thing of the past? Nike’s research however seems to point to something very different. Here they have constantly been confronted by players, who have a need and desire to play in leather boots for the silo they use. They don’t all just want to change to Tiempo. They want the advantages from the Mercurial, Magista, or Hypervenom - with a leather upper.

You can order the Nike Tech Craft Pack from Thursday the 13th of August right here.

Is that a wish you recognise? Then Nike are here to fulfill your needs. Nike have answered the calls of the people and given them what they want. With the Tech Craft Pack they deliver a new concept, which we hope is far more than a one time thing, because it truly is the embodiment of the word Premium!

In 2014 Nike’s team started exploring the possibility of accommodating the players wishes. They quickly discovered that it was far from a bad idea and after a few years of experimenting they can confirm that the Tech Craft pack is the answer.

The construction and engineering behind it is very impressive. Nike have removed the NikeSkin layer and replaced with K-fuse. And what is that you ask? Well, it’s a very special technology, where the leather upper is melted together with the material below and therefore avoid having to attach the leather to the outsole by using stitches. That way Nike make sure the boots keep their unique capabilities, so it is still true to the respective silos nature. The material is naturally kangaroo leather, but has been tanned and carved so thinly that it doesn’t make the Superfly slower, the Obra more clunky, or the Hypervenom less agile.

You can order the Nike Tech Craft Pack from Thursday the 13th of August right here.

And this is the part, where you might be thinking, what are the advantages of a leather upper? Actually it’s pretty straightforward. By talking to players, who prefer football boots with a leather upper, Nike have reached 4 arguments for playing in leather boots:

  • A consistent touch on the ball
  • A better fit
  • Increased protection (both psychologically and physically)
  • Greater comfort

Så if you are a fan of football boots from the old school, or just want to try something a little different than your regular Mercurial Superfly Lightning Storm, then maybe your next boot of choice should be the Tech Craft Pack. Nike have in any case managed to build a bridge between two worlds that would otherwise seem pretty far apart. A bridge that I’m sure is here to stay…

Nike continue the colours used on the Silver Storm and Lightning Storm on the new Tech Craft Pack. This time most of the front foot is covered in a lush piece of black K-leather. What do you think about the concept? Will it stick?