Never change a winning team, as the saying goes. Paris Saint Germain have been cleaning up the domestic trophies the last couple of years, enjoying unrivalled success. All throughout the last few seasons, another thing has been as equally consistent as their win-record; their kits.

Apart from a few stylistic changes the PSG kits have been very similar, sporting the same colour theme and a stylishly clean look. This will be no different this year and for the 2015/16 season, Nike have once again gone with an almost entirely white PSG away-shirt.

You can’t really knock the design of the shirt, because it does look extremely smart, but I do feel that maybe they could have been a little more adventures. I can understand holding back and sticking to the classics on the home-shirt, but a little more flair I feel wouldn’t hurt on this new Paris Saint Germain away-shirt.

The people of Paris are extraordinarily fashion orientated, which does make the PSG shirt extremely tricky to design, I mean if you’re not careful might prompt an uproar, or even worse, a scolding from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That’s probably why Nike went for the safe bet this year, I just personally hope they go for something a little wilder next time round.

Paris Saint Germain look certain to do what they have been doing these last few seasons and stomp the Ligue 1, but can their new away-shirt inspire them to push for more in the Champions League, where success continues to elude them? Let us know and tell us what you think of the new shirt in the comment-section down below.