Nike and Manchester City’s partnership has been running for three years now and the American brand can today present the Citizens new home-shirt. The style is elegant and classic, just like the years before. The sky blue colour is sharper than ever and then it has also been fitted with a polo collar, which adds another classy element.

It’s naturally not entirely a polo-shirt, but it is clear that much of the inspiration for Manchester City’s new home-shirt is based on the polo-design. Nike have put together a new home-shirt for the blue half of Manchester, which definitely does the clubs DNA and proud history justice.

Manchester City might not be able to boast as many trophies as their red big brother (yet), but that certainly doesn’t make their pride and love for the club any smaller. Last year Nike fit a newly designed logo on the chest and that can be found on the City shirt this year too.

With a new home-shirt taken care of the City players can start sharpening up for the new season and the hunt for more silverware. Coming off the bat of a season, where they didn’t win anything, there is no doubt that the players will be hungrier than ever!