The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Some people may be just relaxing and laying low, but not us footballers. The new season is looming and it’s time to get up and get that crucial edge! To get us ready for the challenges to come, Nike release the Lightning Storm Pack. Get a closer look at the new boots here.

Non-footballers dread this part of the year - the summer holidays are drawing to an end and it’s almost time to go back to school. But who cares about school! That the summer holidays are over means football is back on the menu and that is definitely cause for celebration.

It would appear that Nike agree with me and that is why they celebrate pre-season with this funky-fresh, new collection, so Neymar, Götze, Boateng and Cristiano can sharpen up for the forthcoming season.

Screw ‘back to school’ - it’s back to football. Find the new Lightning Storm Pack boots here.

The new Lightning Storm Pack is bursting with colour and definitely not for the feint hearted, but then again nor is football! Now at this point some of the sharpest football boot fans out there may have noticed a particular pattern with this new collection's colour scheme...

The main colours used on this new range of boots, are actually the accent tones from the recent Nike Silver Storm Pack. Tying the collections together is a concept Nike have been running with their last few packs, with the Intense Heat Pack also being bound together with the Highlight Pack and I really think it adds a special element of continuity.

Catch everyone’s attention and grab pre-season by the horns, so you can secure your spot in the coach's plans.

Are you completely geared up for pre-season and whatever challenges the new season may hold? If not then Nike and us have you covered - The Lightning Storm Pack is ready to elevate your game to the next level. What do you make of the new boots - cop or drop?