While summer is really starting to kick in and most major leagues in the world are enjoying the summer break, Nike make sure you won’t be left without new boot options, when you look to train on your own. To make sure you can really stand out on the pitch Nike have launched the MercurialX and MagistaX Proximo Multicolour.

The FootballX collection is for the player who can’t get in enough of the beautiful game. The grass field is far from the only place you can show off your skills and tricks. With the brand new Superfly- and Magista Proximo Multicolour you can really stand out on all surfaces.

The MercurialX is made with a crazy design that has a very wide array of vivid colours, but have kept the Dynamic Fit Collar in a discrete black, which is an aspect I personally really dig. The MercurialX is made for the explosive player and with this design your opponents will be left dizzy.

The MagistaX comes in a more discrete design and that is quite understandable, because the control player doesn’t need to stand out in the same way as the MercurialX player. With a controlled and calm playstyle the playmaker will be controlling the streets in a black and purple design that is getting praised to the skies here at Unisport HQ. Anders from our customers service team is one of the new shoes biggest fans:

“I think it is dead cool! The colour combination is perfect for the MagistaX and purple matches black extremely well. If you take a closer look you will also see a type of multicolour tone and that is a wicked bit of attention to detail from Nike. I can only imagine this boot will be flying off the shelves.”

The MercurialX Proximo is also getting some praise on the way, with Mathias proclaiming his love for the Multicolour design: “The multicolour design gives the shoe a completely new aspect and it matches the Mercurial player so well that it has a design that really stands out.”

Both models are getting rave reviews from my colleagues Unisport HQ. I myself am a huge fan of the more discrete MagistaX design and think it will be a massive hit! Will you be getting one of the multicolour models?