MessiTouch, MessiSprint, MessiFrame, MessiGametrack. There isn’t much doubt who the new Messi15 boot is made for. For a long time Messi has worn his own signature boot, but the model has always been a variation of the f50, with a few modifications. With the Messi15 adidas have affirmed the Argentine wizard’s legendary status and given him his very own football boot. How does it stand out from his previous boots? Get to know here.

Messi is a unique footballer and he therefore has unique needs, which deserve to be accommodated. Adidas have therefore chosen to dedicate an entire silo for the legend of all legends. The football boots are made in collaboration with Messi himself and have been created to match his exact specifications.
MessiTouch is the brand new and very soft variation of Hybridtouch. Messi has always been a huge fan of leather and to get as close to this feeling adidas have further developed the upper from the f50, as to live up to Messi’s needs.

Can you live up to the legend? Find the adidas Messi15 right here – just 200 euro.

One of the aspects of the Messi15, which really stands out as opposed to the f50 is the great amount of stability that has been added to the boot. With all the quick changes of direction and deft touches Messi does in a game, improved stability is a superb addition. Adidas have brought it through the incorporation of MessiFrame and MessiGametrack. The MessiFrame is a stabilizing element in the shape of a skeleton on the inside and outside of the upper, while the MessiGametrack is a torsion bar on the sole.

The MessiSprint is a brand new stud-configuration developed on the basis of tons of research into Messi’s movement on the pitch. The combination consists of conical and diamond shaped studs, as well as the special stud in the middle, which they call the MessiSprint. Yes, adidas have really brought in a lot of new innovation on the new Messi15, but which one is your favourite?

Messi 10.1 or Messi15. There have been a lot of changes since the Messi Pibe deBarr10. We have set the two up against each other to get a better idea of the development. What is your impression of the differences?