Things are really heating up for the Champions League final this weekend, which will take place in Berlin. With their football revolution adidas are leading the pack in true Chaos/Control style. With help from Salomon Kalou and thousands of young footballers they kicked off an impressive piece of art.

Adidas couldn’t have chosen a better time to initiate their football revolution. The Ace and X were recently unveiled as the new faces of adidas football and this Saturday we will witness them for the first time. As a warm up for the grand event, adidas have worked together with 10 graffiti artists and created an impressive murial.

The art work itself depicts a helicopter view of the olympic stadium in Berlin, with the words #BETHEDIFFERENCE, as well as the logos of the two new football boots. The wall painting was unveiled at an event, where thousands of footballers hit balls at a wall, which started to shatter and reveal the hidden painting. Pretty decent work from the adidas PR people!

We can’t wait to see what adidas’ new football boots X and Ace can do, when on the feet of Luis Suarez, Rakitic, Llorente and Morata on Saturday.