Are you as completely hooked on the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II as us? If you want to know every little tech detail there is to know, then now is the time to look alive and listen up. We put on the tech-hat and interviewed Phil Woodman, who was chief designer for the deceptive new boot, which you can watch right here.

Although the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II still builds on the same concept as the previous incarnation, there are countless technological improvements that all work to make this the foremost weapon of choice for the deadly agile attacker.

Phil Woodman takes us through all the different aspects of the new boot, with his unparalleled knowledge and even cracks out a few of the early prototypes to show just how thorough the design process was.

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Make sure to watch this very special Tech Talk and gain this unique insight into the newest innovation from the world of Nike. Are you diggin the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II?