Ten fresh boot spots are once again ready and with Paul Pogba showing off a new boot, we are guaranteed some good stuff. The Primeknit also makes a return-appearance, after James, Suarez and Lavezzi all shelved it.

Paul Pogba (Juventus) - Nike Magista Obra (Custom) I can’t be long before Nike lure in Pogba and give him his own signature boot. His boss attitude is certainly hard to ignore. After being out for several months he was back this weekend rocking a wicked and uniquely designed Magista Obra.

Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle United) - adidas Primeknit 2.0 Pogba’s compatriot Moussa Sissoko also raised the bar for boot awesomeness, by rocking a pair of Primeknit 2.0. Good to see the comfortable football boot still kicking.

Gui Finkler (Melbourne Victory FC) - adidas Primeknit 2.0 Finkler has actually been under our radar for quite some time, because he together with Suarez and Co. was one of the first to test the Primeknit. Unlike the others however Finkler is still playing in the new generation of adidas’ woven football boot.

Yannick Bolasie (Crystal Palace) - Nike Mercurial Superfly IV (Custom)
Another man who has anything but escaped our honed boot spotting senses is Bolasie. He has had a pair of Academy Pack Superfly’s (added SG-studs) specially made and can therefore add another pair of blackouted football boots to the collection.

Harry Kane + Ryan Shawcross (Tottenham Hotspur + Stoke City) - Nike Hypervenom Intense Heat + PUMA evoPOWER 1 Yellow/Purple Not much new going on here, but we couldn’t help notice the matching football boots. Funny how the newest Hypervenom has exactly the same colour match as Shawcross’ evoPOWER.

Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo) - adidas Predator Instinct Yellow/Black This Predator Instinct never really got the attention it deserved. We have however seen it on display in America a couple of times and that happened again, when Will Bruin pulled them out.

Heather O’Reilly (USA) - adidas Predator Instinct (miadidas) And speaking of the US, the women's national team are warming up for the World Cup, when kicks off in June. Here Heather O’Reilly had designed her own pair of Predator Instinct in silver. If you stretch your imagination a little, they could look a little like the Mania’s Beckham used to rock. But then you really do have to think outside the box.

Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC) - Nike Tiempo Legend V (Blackout) We stay in North America for just a little while longer. Here the former Juventus player Giovinco has been rocking a pair of blackouted Tiempo Legend V, which he has actually done since his move to Toronto FC. Is he moving away from Nike do you think?

Reziuan Mirzov (FC Torpedo Moscow) - Nike Mercurial Vapor IX FF M02 Nike’s ninth generation Vapor was among the most popular, which was also expressed through the number of colourway released. Mirzov from Russian club Torpedo Moscow showed he is still a big fan of the model and the sweet M02 design from the Fast Forward collection doesn’t hurt.

Ze Roberto (Palmeriras) - adidas f50 adizero Prime In 2011 adidas unveiled their, at the time, lightest football boot under the name ‘Prime’. Ze Roberto, who is nearing forty years of age, is however not moved by the progress adidas have made since then and still digs the 2011 model.

If only you could live like Paul Pogba and design your own football boots, now that would be the key to happiness. We will have to settle for seeing him from the stands. What do you think about his designs? Share your thoughts with us here, on Facebook and Twitter.