PUMA have had some fun with the spray can and have given their evoPOWER 1.2 a new, fresh spring colourway update. It is inspired by the legendary Japanese dragons and will hit the pitch, when Chelsea face Manchester United this weekend.

PUMA already have a solid selection of colourful football boots, but even keeping them in mind, this red/verdigris evoPOWER is in the wild end of the scale. The design is inspired by Japan and especially Japanese dragons that are a traditional symbol for speed, strength, agility and wisdom (Something we all know any playmaker needs…)

The PUMA evoPOWER 1.2 will be debuted, when Cesc Fabregas, as the only player, pulls on this new colourway against Manchester United weekend. The football boot is designed with the idea that barefoot movement results in the hardest strike in mind. This is why both the upper and the sole is designed to move naturally with the foot. At the same time the upper is made with AccuFoam, which makes sure you get a clean and precise strike – so there are no excuses if your shots and passes are off target during the weekend, Fabregas!

The Chelsea star had the following to say about the new colour: "The new evoPOWER boot absolutely matches my taste, and as a Spaniard I can't resist a red boot. It looks really striking and the heel with the dragon skin graphic gives it a special look."

The new colour does manage to divide opinion here at Unisport HQ, where fans of the boot are split when it comes to the design; Jonathan from Social Media had the following to say: “I’m not overly impressed by the latest evoPOWER design, even though I’m a huge fan of the boot. My first football boot was however a red Puma King, so it’s cool with a red evoPOWER, but they could have done more with the design of the dragon.”

On the other hand is Jakob from our WebTV team, who said: "The new evoPOWER-colour has got something special, even though it’s so crazy. Cool, red nuance and the white form stripe really suits the boot well. I’m in the yes camp.”

Pre-order your new PUMA evoPOWER 1.2 High Risk Red/White/Sea Pine right here – just 200 euro.

What do you think about the newest colour for the PUMA evoPOWER 1.2 – is the red dragon design a hit, or is it too crazy for you? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below and on our various Social Media platforms.