PUMA are one of the most experienced brands when it comes to producing football boots. Even back when Pele was the biggest star in the world, PUMA were delivering classy football boots. Back then leather reigned supreme and was the number one material used for the development of football boots. More than 50 years later and it still works…

Blackouted PUMA King boots is something that will simply always work. You would have a hard time arguing that in terms of the PUMA King, this is not the best colourway available. The only point you could possibly have is that the classic Puma stripe is missing.

Are you a sucker for the PUMA King II? You will love this new model – just €170

Juuso from our Finish customer service couldn’t conceal his love for the new boot either: “I love blackouted leather football boots. Primarily because of the classic style and excellent comfort you get. Is there anything cooler than a pair of classic, black football boots, now that everyone else is running around in flash synthetic football boots?” Says Juuso and goes on:

“I like playing in leather boots because of the comfort. A god leather boot adapts to your foot perfectly. Leather does of course absorb more water than synthetic, but apart from that I can’t find a single reason to pick synthetic ahead of leather.”

Do you agree with Juuso and love blackouted leather boots? Find the new PUMA King II right here – just €170

The Puma King might not get much player support in today’s modern football, but there is definitely room for it and there probably always will be. Juuso can definitely second this without a second’s hesitation. What do you think about the new King?