Nike Tiempo Legend with summer vibes from Radiant Reveal Pack


Written by Jonathan

If anybody were in doubt whether the Spring has arrived or not, Nike confirmed this Tuesday morning with their bright Radiant Reveal Pack. Take a closer look at the Tiempo Legend 6 from the collection here.

The more I look at the Radiant Reveal Pack from Nike, the happier I get. The bright colours really bring out the fresh Spring/Summer vibes that we all have been longing for throughout the dark winter months. On this Tiempo Legend 6, it is in particular the soleplate that makes me want to put on some shorts, an Aloha shirt and a drink with one of those small umbrellas in them.

If the Tiempo Legend 6 from the Radiant Reveal Pack brings you in a summer vibe, then sign up here and get notified when we receive it on stock.

The Tiempo Legend is one of the oldest active silos in the market. Nike have been extremely good at reinventing the Tiempo, which got its latest generation update last November. The update really embraces everything the Tiempo silo is about. The premium kangaroo leather is constructed without the classic seams and stitching on the forefoot and also made a new no tongue construction to deliver one of the most comfortable and clean uppers of the Tiempo to this date.