Quick raise of hands; who here doesn’t like a new, fresh t-shirt? No, we thought so – and if you want to show off your football style off the pitch, as well as on it, then the new Nike F.C. Marble Tee’s are an awesome way to do so. How do they look? Check them out here…!

The new Nike F.C. t-shirts base themselves on the latest update of Nike’s remarkable fashion wear, which in turn is inspired by the infamous Nike video from 1996, where the good battle the evil. Ronaldo, Figo and Ian Wright, as well as Eric Cantona (On the side of the good, believe it or not) duel in an ancient coliseum – and win, obviously.

Show off your football style, with the new Nike F.C. Marble Tee – just 29 euro.

The raw, black/white look from the film makes up the base of the design for Nike F.C Block Tees that also have a marble pattern in the iconic box on the front. It’s not without reason that the t-shirts are so insanely popular and if you take a quick stroll round the Unisport’s headquarters you are certain to see one or two of them being worn.

They may not have a collar that we can pop up and say “Au revoir”, like Cantona does in the film, but we are still loving it… In other words Nike have a cheeky reference to their first major hit advert, with their already stylish Nike F.C. t-shirts and with the simple design we can see it working in many different outfits. So live the football lifestyle at all times, regardless of it being on or off the pitch.

Order your very own Nike F.C. Marke tee right here – just €29.

What do you think about the latest Nike F.C.-updates and do you like the reference to the good vs evil-campaign from 1996? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.