Adidas have today unveiled their latest version of the Champions League match ball for the knockout stages of the Champions League. It’s called the adidas Finale Berlin and is naturally inspired by the city, where the final will take place on the 6th of June.

After a long winter break the Champions League is finally back and for the exciting knockout-phase adidas have unveiled their latest official match ball – adidas Finale Berlin. It is been inspired by the City that will host the grand event (yep, you’ve already guessed it, it’s Berlin…!)

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The design of the ball is inspired by the dynamic, young and hip scene in Berlin and the iconic Champions League-stars have been designed with plenty of colours, which really capture Berlin’s youthful and free art-culture. And ohh yes, Graffiti. Lots of Graffiti. The cities official symbol, Berliner Bär – a bear – also features and it is all topped off by a picture of the Brandenburger Tor on the ball central star.

Under the bonnet it’s business as usual – the ball is made with star-shaped panels that are welded together and it is still equipped with a textured surface, which helps gentlemen like Messi, Robben and all the other nifty dribblers stay in control of what they do. We are probably not the only ones looking forward to seeing the adidas Finale Berlin OMB rolling again. Come on, Tuesday evening…

The adidas Finale Berlin can be yours – pre-order it now! 140 euro.

What do you think about the latest design of adidas Finale Berlin? Is this worthy of the Champions League and who do you think will end up playing with it in the final? Share your thoughts with us down below, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.