Pierre Emile Højbjerg is one of Denmark’s biggest football talents. After having fought his way into the Bayern Munich squad, he has been loaned out to FC Augsburg, where he is already enjoying great success honing his trade. We had a quick chat with him about life as a professional footballer and this is what he had to say.

“I want to be better today, than I was yesterday” That’s how Pierre Emile Højbjerg begin a very inspiring talk we had with him, when we visited him at his new German home. Since Højbjerg was very young his love for football has been unwavering. Even when he was told he wasn’t good enough.

Højbjerg has always known he wanted to be professional and even though it meant he had to pay a high price to make it to the top, he was never a second in doubt that it was all worth it. And at an age of just 19, he can look back and say he hasn’t regretted a single moment spent on the football pitch.

And even though there will be haters (adidas are really on to something there), Pierre is undoubtedly part of Denmark’s future national team. Højbjerg currently plays for FC Augsburg and he does so in the newest adidas f50 adizero. You can find them and all the other equipment he uses in the video right here.


Pierre Emile Højbjerg has sacrificed a great deal of things to reach the top, but he has no regrets. Quite the contrary really. We can’t help be a little inspired by his life philosophy – what about you?