After a little break without making too many waves, Nike FC are back with a new round of awesomeness, to give you a little extra edge outside the pitch. And this time round it’s with marble as the main source of inspiration for the design. Have a look at the entire collection here.

With Nike FC an old football legend was revived and reinvigorated; football is lived in all aspects of life, off the pitch, as well as on it. It influences your lifestyle from you get up in the morning, until you go to bed in the evening. It sounds like Nike got a bit of inspiration from #unisportlife.

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But they are welcome to use that inspiration, because that just makes it even easier for you to live your #unisportlife. The Nike FC collection is built up around everything from the popular Nike FC block T-shirts to caps, snapbacks, track tops and even a Nike sports bag, so you have a bag to carry all the awesome gear.

The design is one of the most characteristic elements of Nike FC and while it all started very minimalistic and stylishly clean, but still with plenty of attitude. The design has since then developed with time and moved on to be far more challenging, but again still with plenty of attitude.

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With the first collection in 2015 Nike FC laid down the foundation for what the rest of the year has in store for us and we are really looking forward to seeing the forthcoming designs. This marble design has in any case got our mouths watering,.

The new Nike FC collection is designed with a twist of marble, which gives a unique and characteristic look for anyone who lives the football life 24 hours a day. Remember we love to see you live the football-life, so share your pictures with us on Instagram with #unisportlife