The year is 2014. The stage is set for the biggest event in football. The location is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s the World Cup and adidas are all in. The symbolism behind the World Cup in Brazil was enormous and it was definitely not something adidas were going to let slide. In fact their goals were as ambitious, as the World Cup itself. In this video we see how adidas spent their World Cup days.

Several million people followed the month long event, which took place in Brazil last summer – young and old, boys and girls, people who can’t live without football, as well as people who couldn’t even tell you which country Neymar played for. With this many eyes directed at one event, the opportunity for exposure is massive. And this was hardly made less so, by the fact that we, in the current age, live in a world where information can fly across the internet in seconds.

During the World Cup adidas had decided to cover the event, every single second of the day. Something that really pushed the boundaries for how a World Cup was covered. This was also helped by the fact that adidas, who are the official sponsors of the event, had access to some of the biggest legends in World Cup history, ranging from Cafu, to Viera and Beckham.

Adidas aired live from their headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, which made their approach to the World Cup completely unique. They were ready to cover every worthwhile event and in many ways opened new doors. There can be no doubt that this is most definitely not the last time adidas use this way of covering a major event. And who knows - maybe Nike and PUMA will be ready with their own channels, when the Olympics and European Championships kick off in 2016?

It is exciting to see, how adidas gave the World Cup a completely new dimension, by delivering live television, 24 hours a day. We in any case felt it was the perfect way to follow the latest news directly from Brazil.