Nike present the NikeGrip sock at the Innovation Summit in New York


Written by Jonathan Baez

Last night Nike hosted an epic Innovation Summit in New York. Among other things they presented a new NikeGrip sock.

Okay, first thing first. Let’s get it out there: The NikeGrip sock innovation seems like something we’ve seen before. It’s no secret to anyone. Having said that, a little competition has never hurt anyone and getting an alternative to the existing choices is always good. But what exactly is the NikeGrip sock?

Some players notice it a lot and some players don’t. But trust me when I say, the minute you’ve tried them on, you can hardly imagine how you have been able to play without them. Slipping inside the shoe or even inside the sock is an issue that all players have chosen to deal with, basically because it is the way we have played for ages. However, advancing human potential is an ambition Nike take seriously and within this ambition every detail counts.

... like a gecko, which can climb vertical surfaces thanks to the traction provided by hundreds of tiny hairs on its toes...

So how did Nike end up with the NikeGrip sock? Through insights from players, designers reached the conclusion that a bigger surface area of a the sock would eventually reduce slipping. Actually they used the analogi of a gecko that gets its traction from hundreds of tiny hairs on its toes.

Thus, Nike designers were pointed towards an ultrafine polyester fibre. The nanofibre creates far more contact points with the foot and shoe and by twisting the nanofiber with traditional fibers used in sock manufacturing, Nike were able to create “the ultimate sock fiber.”

However, solely increasing the surface of grip doesn’t cut it alone. It’s equally important to consider the amount of grip and where to put it. Too little can lead to slipping, while too much can impede mobility. Thus Nike have been testing and researching to find the sweet spot. In the end, designers found that increased contact points were particularly needed on the big toe and heel, while an improved fit and elimination of extra fabric lead to a more precise heel-lock system.

You can purchase the new NikeGrip sock here!