When adidas introduced the third generation of their modern classic boot, 11Pro III, they promised it would be the best 11Pro ever. Jakob took them for a spin, to see whether that could be true.

The first review of the year therefore comes the way of the 11Pro, which our boot expert has had the pleasure of wearing during Christmas. There has been spent of hours on the training pitch, to see whether the adidas 11Pro can live up to the title of best boot in the silo so far.

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And there has definitely been thought of all the little details, as the 11Pro III is the first of the three generations that has incorporated an upper of kangaroo leather; gone is Taurus leather from the first two models.

How the new upper affects the adiPURE 11pro III’s performance you can see in the review above, where Jakob brings you his verdict of the 11Pro – can it keep up with the Tiempo Legend V in the fight for best modern leather boot? Check out the WebTV-episode above and find out more.

Get your own pair of 11Pro III right here – just 160 euro.

What do you think about the new adidas 11Pro III and have you had a chance to try the elegant football boot? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below.