PUMA with a new Special Edition: evoSPEED SL Fresh


Written by Mathias

The fresh colourway updates are coming in thick and fast at the moment. PUMA have just presented a Special Edition version of their evoSPEED and there was only one name that suited it - the evoSPEED Fresh…

It’s not long ago that PUMA delivered an evoSPEED SL-K dressed completely in black. A subtle tribute to the traditional football boots. With the new evoSPEED SL Fresh PUMA go completely the other way and show what they are capable of doing, when it comes to innovation and modern materials. The evoSPEED Fresh hasn’t just got its name from the fresh colourway, but also because of the material used.

The thoughts behind this Special Edition was to make another one of their extremely lightweight boots, but with a new twist. PUMA have therefore constructed an upper with a very special mesh, which has then been equipped with a coating that allows heat to early flow through the upper. This way you avoid moisture ever forming inside the boots.

The new PUMA evoSPEED SL Fresh is available through this link.

The concept itself addresses a problem that is particularly relevant, as we now head into the warmer months of the year. The entire purpose of the boots is the keep the temperature of your boots down and thus increase performance levels on the pitch.

Here at Unisportstore.com we live in Denmark, so hot days are a rarity, but all the same this very contemporary design is pretty special. High temperature or not, I’m a fan!