Everything has a start. And sometimes you have to remember where you come from, to know where you’re heading. Not that Messi seems like the type of player who needs guidance as to where he is going, but adidas have still created this tribute to Messi’s hometown in Rosario, Argentina, with the new f50 adizero Messi Mirosa10. Check it out here.

For most footballers two hattricks and two broken records in one week would be a completely unrealistic thought. For Leo Messi it’s just another day at the office. That does however far from make this any less of an achievement, - quite the contrary really. Now adidas top off a brilliant week for Messi with a particularly special signature boot.

Because behind all the broken records, goals and impressive displays you find a childhood home, which laid down the foundation for what Messi is today. This is exactly what the new Messi Mirosar10 is a representation of. The name is a mix of letters and numbers and means “My Rosario”, with the number 10 underlining just how Messi has continued the heavy legacy the number entails.

The choice of colour is like the rest of the boot far from coincidental. Orange represents Messi’s first club, while green is the colour of their largest rivals. Already back then Messi must have had a taste for the intense derbies, because he scored four goals in one of his first meaningful games. And well, the rest is history…

On the inlay sole adidas have printed a land map of Rosario, Messi’s childhood home. A cool detail is the abandoned military base highlighted on the map. This was where Messi snuck in through a hole in the fence, so he could practice playing football with his friends. Yes, even stars like Messi had humble beginnings.

This f50 Adizero follows the same functionality as previous Messi signature boots and is made with a single layer of Hybridtouch. Adidas have not used Speedfoil on the heel, which was a special demand from Messi. The upper is still purposefully a little rougher than on the regular f50 Adizero. On top of having a little more texture on the upper and thus more grip on the ball, this is an F50 like we know it.

The new f50 Adizero Messi Mirosar10 is a brilliant tribute to the town, where it all started for Lionel Messi, Rosario, Argentina. What would your signature boot look, if it celebrated your hometown?