Cristiano Ronaldo becoming a style icon, may not have been part of the plans back in the days when the young kid from Madeira went to England to play for Manchester United. None the less, this is exactly what the 29 year old Portuguese has now become. And we emphasise this with another round of Look of in the company of Cristiano Ronaldo.

You gotta hand it to Nike, they have done a good job in giving Cristiano Ronaldo just the amount of exposure he has deserved in 2014. On top of being the front man in connection with the launch of the new Superfly, he has also been giving a line of signature boots and clothing lines with his brand on them.

Greet the winter with Nike's stylish CR7 collection.

In this instalment of Look of, we have found space for a range of products that complete the CR7 collection. This includes both the classic AW77 sweatshirt, the Saturday jacket, the Tiempo 94 and the Air Max 1 sneakers, the NSW t-shirts, snapback, as well as the Shield Compact backpack to keep everything.

You will find some of Nike's most iconic products with the CR7 brand right here.

The majority of products that Nike have given the CR7 brand are products that we have already gotten to know over some years. And it is especially a sneaker like the Air Max 1 or a sweatshirt like the AW77 that make the collection attractive. The fact that the collection carries the CR7 logo may just be considered as the cherry on the top, as they say...

If you're a big fan of Nike and CR7, then this collection is perfect for you.

Unisport Look of is walk through of some of the coolest clothes and gear from the hottest sports brands right now. And there is no doubt that CR7 is sitting at the very top of this right now. What do you think of the Nike CR7 collection? Is it out of this world? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comments with us on Facebook and Instagram.