Since 2007, where the first Adipure was presented, adidas have always shown great love for their classic and elegant silo. After having experimented with a number of different constellations adidas have now gone completely back to basics with the new generation. The boot is now just called the 11Pro and the upper is back to Kangaroo-leather. Get to know the brand new 11Pro right here.

There aren’t many left of the completely classic football boots. This is naturally a result of the demand for synthetic materials, which make up the upper of most football boots these days. One of them that however still stands its ground against the onslaught of synthetic boots is the 11Pro from adidas. Since it was launched back in 2007, adidas have continuously provided us with the classic fit and touch in convincing fashion.

You can pre-order the new adidas 11Pro right here – just €160.

Now adidas are ready with a completely new and updated embodiment of elegance, with the new generation of 11Pro. With this model adidas go all the way to the core of comfort and touch, which have always been the two most important aspects of the Adipure-collection. This is further underlined by this launch colourway, which exudes classic inspiration.

On the tech front this model of 11Pro is made with an upper of K-leather, which has been incorporated again, after a couple of 11Pro models having been made with Hybridtouch. adidas have however created a construction, which allows them to make the leather as thin as possible, thus providing the sharp touch that is demanded these days.

Adidas have therefore created a grid-like construction, which works as a “skeleton” between the upper and the inner lining. This ”net” sits around the front foot and heel and gives the boot stability and keeps the foot firmly placed on the sole. At the same time the support helps provide an incredibly comfortable fit. All things that in the end help provide optimal comfort.

Help define elegance with the new 11Pro – just 160 euro.

The comfort-elements do however not stop here. Because on top of having placed this new skeleton in the heel, adidas have first and foremost ensured support in the heel area, through a special heel-cap, which gives your foot that special lockdown. To add to that they have fitted Memory Foam, both around the ankle and at the back of the inlay sole, to give the most personal and comfortable fit possible. To top things off, they have lined the inside of the boot with a suede material.

Also around the instep steps have been taken to make the boot more comfortable than ever before. One of the additions being Memory Foam placed on the boot tongue, which protects the foot from gnawing laces. The foam is also very good at shaping itself to your foot-shape, which helps you get a very personal fit. Adidas have really gone #Allin with the 11Pro, to make sure you get the desirable personal fit.

The entire upper is built on the well-known ComfortFrame outsole, which is more or less the same as the one we saw on the previous generation. The stud-configuration on the 11Pro is first and foremost made to distribute weight, so all joints in your body are spared. We are certain players like Xabi Alonso, Frank Lampard and Toni Kroos will all enjoy the new additions and classic qualities you get with the updated 11Pro.

Do you love the classic touch you get with the 11Pro? Find it right here – just 160 euro.

With the new 11Pro adidas really set out to prove that the classic football boot can still deliver on par with all modern boots. With classic materials and a classic design, adidas give the elegant touch a little renaissance. What are your first impressions of the new 11Pro? Is it a go, or no-go?