Last week we saw Toni Kroos wearing a new, whiteouted model from adidas during training for Germany – and today it’s Xabi Alonso’s turn. The Spaniard has been testing a new football boot, which very well could be the next generation of 11Pro.

International fixtures aren’t always popular – mostly because they disrupt club football and leave our weekends without the usual ton of football games we are accustomed to and need so we can get our weekly football fix. International breaks are however wonderland for boot spotters, as they are often used to test new prototypes for coming models.

This was also the case this time round – with Toni Kroos testing a whiteout adidas football boot last week – and now Xabi Alonso, who has taken things one step further and played in a none-blackouted and whiteouted football boot.

If you take a closer look at Alonso’s adidas football boots, they look exactly like the ones Toni Kroos wore, with a minimalistic leather upper and a boot skeleton that resembles a bee-hive. At the same time the sole looks a lot like the ComfortFrame – and everything therefore points towards it being the coming 11Pro Alonso is testing.

Xabi Alonso has featured in the Predator Instinct the last few games, but actually he has been somewhat of a boot-nomad, moving from boot to boot. Apart from the Adizero he has actually played in all adidas’ models the last year or so. Now it would appear the Spaniard will be wearing a new 11Pro into action – and time will show, if Alonso has finally find his favourite boot.

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