There are probably quite a lot of people out there who dream of getting their very own boot contract with one of the big brands, just like most professional players have. There is however also a handful of pro players who don’t have a contract and therefore play in whatever they want – and we have found five players, who change boots like the rest of us change socks.

Paul Pogba (Juventus and France) The young French Juventus player looks like he shares our passion for football boots and has also changed boots quite a bit lately. After having played in the World Cup with a pair of white Nike CTR360 Maestri III he has stuck to a pair of Predator Instinct, but has switched colours quite a bit backwards and forwards. Most notable has been his stint in the adidas Predator Accelerator from the Revenge Pack, before he flirted with the Nike Magista Obra. Why? Because he can – and when you love football boots, why not?

Dani Alves (FC Barcelona and Brazil) Alves looked like he had found a football boot he was happy with, when he became the front figure for adidas’ Nitrocharge 1.0. He did use a special version with a SprintSkin-upper from his adizero, but ended up using them for a very long time. At the World Cup he was however back in his beloved adizero, wearing the Battle Pack version. Lately he has been regularly switching between his 3. Generation Adizero and a pair of Blackouted F50. It really can be tough to choose, when you have so many options.

James McClean (Wigan and Ireland) One of Unisports boot spot favourites, simply because James McClean loves limited editions and special colourways. It looks like McClean just plays in whatever he feels like on the day and has lately changed from a Nike Mercurial Vapor to a pair of adidas F50 Adizero. And hats off to McClean for his Nike GS. World Class!

Jonathan Walters (Stoke City and Ireland) Walters’ preferences when it comes to football boots is incredibly hard to figure out and this season he has played in Copa Mundials, as well as Magista, Predator, Tiempo and even Adizero Samba’s. We could imagine he has quite a few boots to choose from on the shelf at home…

Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea and England) The former Liverpool player has for a long time stuck to his adidas Predator, which he customised himself (Obviously) – and we really got excited when Shelvey netted against Chelsea in a pair of Predator Accelerator from the Revenge Pack. The Englishman has flirted a little with both Nike and adidas boots lately and looks to be experimenting with what he finds the most comfortable himself.

Even though you play at the very highest level, you don’t necessarily need a boot contract – and if you love football boots and need that freedom of choice, then we applaud anyone who follows in the footsteps of the gentlemen above. Not that not getting free boots has harmed these players’ finances much really. Which four boots would you switch between if you were completely free to choose whichever you preferred?