Sells ready with their new collection of goalkeeper gloves


Written by Mathias

For many years now Sells have been leaders of the pack in terms of goalkeeper gloves - and this year's collection will definitely make sure that trend continues. We have taken a closer look at the new top gloves right here.

As always Sells are ready with their Elite Aqua silo, which holds a total of five models; Wrap, Total Contact, Silhouette, Axis 360 and Victor Valdes. We will be seeing top keepers like Fraser Forster, Ben Foster, Simon Mignolet and Victor Valdes in these, and this time round we will also get a nice little reunion with an old technology.

The gloves backhand is made from NASA’s outlast material, which is used to temperature regulate astronauts. This means the gloves regulate the temperature inside and in all weather conditions.

Check out the newest goalkeeper gloves from Sells right here.

On the inside of the glove a piece of Memory Foam has been placed, which shapes itself to your fingers and remembers the way you place your fingers, so you are ensured the same comfortable fit next time you pull them on.

A thing I have looked forward to a lot with this new collection is the reinstatement of the D3O gloves punchzone. D3O is a soft and very flexible material, which hardens when it strikes something with force and for that reason you can punch the ball further.

What do you think about the new Sells collection and the new technologies? Let us know in the comment-section down below.