If you thought adidas were done with their launches, you would be very wrong indeed. With adidas a single colourway is just not enough. And if you ask us, they are spot on with that view. Therefore adidas have launched a twin for the Tribal Pack Adipure: the 11Pro Core Black/Future White/Solar Blue.

If you are on the look out for a comfortable boot, then looking here probably isn't the worst idea. Because if there is one thing adidas can deliver with their AdiPURE 11Pro, then it is maximum comfort. The Adipure 11Pro is built to wrap itself around your foot and it therefore no surprise that adidas have brought out two new colourways.

You can pre-order the new Adipure 11Pro Core Black/Future White/Solar Blue now – just €152.

With the World Cup now behind us, focus is shifting towards the beginning of the forthcoming season, which without doubt will be an emotional one. One of the reasons is that the transfer market is already heating up and one of the high profile moves so far this summer, has been a loyal Adipure 11Pro player, who moved from Germany to Spain. The man in question is of course Toni Kroos, who yesterday was presented as a new player in Real Madrid.

Another newly crowned World Champion, who also plays in the comfortable boots, is Philip Lahm. And now Lahm, Kroos and the other Adipure gang have a couple alternatives to choose between. Because where the other recently released colourway was mainly blue, with black accent colours, they have flipped the switch here and made this one predominantly black.

You can pre-order the new Adipure 11Pro Core Black/Future White/Solar Blue now – just €152.

And while it did surprise some that adidas had more colourways in store for us, then it will surprise no one that the technological basis remains the same. This means this Adipure also comes with an upper of Hybridtouch, with the extra stitchings on the front-foot, to give a softer touch and increased comfort.

What makes the adidas Adpure 11Pro unique is that the German brand has covered the inside lining with a soft and comfortable suede material. This packs the foot nicely in and as if that wasn't enough adidas also fitted it with memory foam, so the front-foot could adapt to your foot even better.

You can pre-order the new Adipure 11Pro Core Black/Future White/Solar Blue now – just €152.

The upper is based on the aptly named Comfort Frame, which as the name suggests makes for a very comfortable boot, by dispersing pressure, so the joints aren't under as much pressure. At the same time the Comfort Traxion stud-configuration delivers optimal propulsion and quicker acceleration.

It wasn't enough for adidas to just launch one single colourway for their comfort boot. What do you think of this darker version of the Tribal Pack boot – and which is cooler? Tell us in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.