In the wake of a very successful World Cup adidas gear up for the coming season, with a new range of colourways for their four football boots. The first in line is the Predator Instinct, which comes in the iconic Black/Red/White colourway, which really leads the mind back to the old Predator football boots. Shall we take a closer look? Come along!

Normally you would expect a massive launch, when one of the most iconic football boot silo's gets an update – but actually the launch of the adidas Predator Instinct was fairly subdued. By the Predator's standards at least. The Instinct was introduced as a part of Adidas' Battle Pack, which was launched for the World Cup, where it dominated.

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Now the spotlight is however solely on the Predator Instinct, which comes in its very first non-Battle Pack colourway - and it will probably warm the hearts of many Predator enthusiasts to see the iconic Black/Red/White combination back. The design is the same as on the Battle Pack model, with the tree frog pattern, but otherwise it's a typical Predator with a black base, white adidas stripes and a red accent colour further forward on the boot. It smells a lot like older Predators and actually the newly unveiled instinct does feel a lot more like the older Predator models too. Adidas will launch 14 Instinct models in 2014, among them the Revenge Pack, which celebrates the Predator from 1994, Accelerator from 1998 and Mania from 2002. So there is plenty to look forward to.

With the new colourway the Instinct really step onto the main stage, but the technologies have also been changed, when compared to the predecessor Predator LZ II. The five Lethal Zones are still there, but have been given a fairly radical makeover, to give even further control and power.

The Predator Instinct is fitted with zigzag-shaped control elements made from 3D SL rubber, which is slightly sticky and provides added friction between ball and boot. This is something that ultimately gives you optimised control on the ball. The zones are also far more aggressive than before and grip the ball much more. The Pass-zone on the inside of the Instinct has also been given a newly developed gel-padding, which helps pass the ball with more precision and control the ball easier with that part of the foot.

On the Instinct you find the zone Drive, which is placed on the in-step, Dribble that sits on the lateral side of the boot, First Touch on the front-fooot and the Sweet Spot that is placed on the medial side of the big toe, as well as the Pass zone to finish off with, which is placed on the medial side of the boot. All these zones work to improve your overall control on the ball and cover all the most important aspects as a creative footballer.

In other words there is plenty of technology packed into the Predator Instinct with the five 3D SL zones, - but it doesn't end here! Adidas have done a lot of research and found out that 10% of all your touches are with the outsole. Therefore the Control Frame-sole has also been made with a row of small fins and strategically placed grooves in the material, so you get better grip with this area of the boot. It would be a shame if those 10% meant that you couldn't finish off a game.

The upper itself on the Predator Instinct is made with a second generation of adidas' kangaroo-leather emulating material, Hybridtouch. The Germans have worked on this particular synthetic for many years and have found a formula, where it is supple, durable and quite thin, all at the same time. The last - the shape the Predator is built on - has also been made slightly wider, which leads it further back to the older Predator that were known for being slightly broader.

Pre-order your pair of adidas Predator Instinct now - just €209.

And adidas Predator Instinct does feel a lot more like the older Predator boots, not only in terms of fit, but also because the feeling of sturdiness and robustness is back. The design might not be the same as in the nineties and early 2000's, but adidas' have with their 14th generation captured the magic of the old boot - plus they spiced it up with modern technology. Because why wouldn't you?

The new Predator Instinct hasn't come to play and 20 years after the launch of the first Predator, the silo is still flying high and can be found on the feet of some of the world best footballers. They all enjoy the brilliant benefits, which let them control and dictate the run of play. Predator is ready, but are you ready for the Predator?

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