Celebrating Nike Air Max Day 2016 - today's choice!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Air Max Day 2016 is upon us and although we are usually all about the football boots, our friends from Nike have also hooked up with a pretty sweet collection of Air Max sneakers. Here’s what we are lacing up today.

It’s one of the biggest days in the sneaker calendar year and we thought we would come correct in all black. The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essential builds on the impressive legacy left by the original Air Max 1 from 1987. A pretty damn decent mix of contemporary style, while still paying homage to the original on this holiest of sneaker days.

The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essential dons a single-piece, laser perforated suede-based upper, which is what gives the sneakers their slimmer, sleeker and in every way more 21st century look. If you then add to that, that the shoes upper detailing, like the vamp, swoosh and toe-box protection, is screen-printed on to further save weight, you have the makings of the ideal Air Max Day kicks.

The blackouted Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essential is far from the only pair we had to choose from. You can check out our full selection of sneakers right here.